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Editorial Policy

© The Editorial Team of Linguistic Studies

International Collection of Scientific Papers

Linguistic Studies

Edited by: Zhanna Krasnobaieva-Chorna 

Print ISSN: 1815-3070
Online ISSN: 2308-0019
Print ISBN: 966-7277-88-7

Editorial Policy 

  1. The collection of scientific papers Linhvistychni Studiyi / Linguistic Studies welcomes unpublished previously submissions reflecting linguistic research outcomes. Priority research areas are the following: language theory, grammar, semantics, word-derivation, discourse studies and discursive analysis, applied linguistics, comparative-typological linguistics, ethnical linguistics, linguoculturology, onomastics, dialectology, and sociolinguistics. 
  2. The collection of scientific papers Linhvistychni Studiyi / Linguistic Studies publishes the following papers:

    a) articles presenting the outcomes of collaborative research projects of Vasyl' Stus DonNU linguists, other Ukrainian academic institutions, and foreign scientists;

    b) analytical and reviewing articles that are written on request of the Editorial Board;

    c) reviews on monographs, collections of scientific papers, lexicographic works, published within the last year (at the submitting time of the review);

    d) chronicles of the linguistic conferences hosted by Vasyl' Stus DonNU;

    e) analytical and memorial papers, devoted to the achievements of the linguists of Vasyl' Stus DonNU. 
  3. Submissions written in Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish, and Bulgarian are accepted for publication.
  4. All stages of preparation procedure for publication of the collection corresponding volume are carried out accordingly to Policy of Honesty of Editorial Council and Editorial Board of the collection of scientific papers Linhvistychni Studiyi / Linguistic Studies.
  5. All submissions are double-blind peer reviewed by the experts in the corresponding area. Manuscripts reviewing is fully confidential. Reviewer’s conclusion, as well as any information regarding the submitted manuscript, is not disclosed to anybody except the author. 
  6. Reviewers of the submitted manuscripts are all members of the Editorial Council and Editorial Board, leading specialists of Vasyl' Stus DonNU, other national and foreign universities, as well as institutes of NAS of Ukraine. 
  7. After notifying the author about manuscript is approved for publication, he/she is obliged to submit personally signed Copyright Agreement and Permission of the Personal Data Processing within 3 days. Submitted for publication manuscripts are processed according to the  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC BY-NC).
  8. The collection of scientific papers Linhvistychni Studiyi / Linguistic Studies is published semiannually (June and December).

Reviewing process

The purpose of the reviewing process is to provide the most objective evaluation of the scientific article content, to determine its compliance with the structural, semantic and technical requirements, as well as requirements of the SAC of Ukraine and international scientometric databases, and to eliminate possible cases of plagiarism and malpractice of scientific studies.

  1. The author submits his/her manuscript online. All submissions must fully meet the requirements of the collection of scientific papers Linhvistychni Studiyi / Linguistic Studies.
  2. The Executive Secretary performs a preliminary evaluation of the article and sends it for reviewing to the members of Editorial Council and Editorial Board. Reviewers of a particular article are assigned by the Editor-in-Chief.
  3. After receipt of an article for review, the reviewer evaluates the possibility of its reviewing make sure of the absence of any conflict of interest. Period of the manuscript reviewing may take up to 30 days.
  4. The author is notified via e-mail about reviewing results. If the article is approved for publication the Executive Secretary shall notify the author about the expected date of publication
  5. If the reviewer points to the need to make certain corrections to the manuscript, the author will get completed Reviewing form with the comments and suggestions. The author is obliged to return the updated accordingly article, or in case of disagreement with the reviewer’s opinion, the author is entitled to a reasonable response to the Editorial Board within 10 days.
  6. The final decision on the possibility of the submitted paper publication is taken by the Editor-in-Chief.

Plagiarism Prevention

The Editorial Board considers the willful, negligent, or unfair use of intellectual property, full or partial copying of another author’s text without quoting the authorship as a plagiarism. Authors are fully responsible for the originality of submitted for reviewing manuscripts, as well as for adherence to the scientific citation ethics. Plagiarism in all its forms is inappropriate.

All the materials submitted for reviewing go through the procedure of verification of text uniqueness using an appropriate software. When plagiarism in the submitted manuscript is identified, it is returned to the author without the possibility of resubmission after revision.