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International Collection of Scientific Papers 

Linguistic Studies 

Edited by: Anatoliy Zahnitko 

Print ISSN: 1815-3070
Online ISSN: 2308-0019
Print ISBN: 966-7277-88-7

© The Editorial Board of Linguistic Studies


2014  Volume 28  Linguistic Studies

2013  Volume 27  Linguistic Studies

® Syntagma in the English Speech : Structure, Meaning and Functions
Elena Filatova

® Common and Different Methods of Compounding in the Present-Day English Language in Comparison with Ukrainian One
Olga Usenko 

® Linguistic-Imaginative and Poetic-Symbol Dimensions of a Fiction Text
Anatoliy Zahnitko

® Text Corpora for Studying a Grammatical Auxiliarity: Classification of Grammatical Classes and Subclasses
Illya Danyluk

® Stages and Causes of Forming a Grammatical Structure of Present-day English Language (in Comparison with the Ukrainian One)
Oksana Putilina 

2013  Volume 26  Linguistic Studies

® Innovative Processes in the Present-day English Language in Comparison with Ukrainian one: Innovations and Pseudo-innovations
Oksana Putilina

® Qualifying and Classifying Signs of Bilingualism : Aspects, Types, Methods
Anatoliy Zahnitko

® Actualization of the Game-World in the Work of Fiction “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien
Irina Vinokurova

® The Specificity of Expression of the Concept "FREEDOM" in the Political System of Great Britain (Based on Legal Documents)
Tatiana Nikishina

2012  Volume 25  Linguistic Studies

® Historical and Contemporary Factors of Innovative Processes in the Present-day English Language in Comparison with Ukrainian one: Conflict or Cooperation?
Oksana Putilina

® Modification of German Phraseology of 11th-14th Centuries
Vira Shkolyarenko

® The Phonographic and Ideographic Developments of Literal Signs System in Newly French (ХVIIth-XVIIIth cc.)
Larysa Sydelnykova

® Stylization at the Phonetic and Grammatical Levels as the way of Achieving Fidelity in the Trilogy “The Lord of The Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien
Irina Vinokurova

2012  Volume 24  Linguistic Studies

® Universal and Case Grammars: Correlative-Hierarchical Relations
Oksana Putilina

® Decision-making under the Conditions of Multiple Choice in Simultaneous Interpreting
Yaroslava Balytsok

® Types of Lexical Borrowing Adaptation in Romance Linguistics
Olga Krombet

® The Functional-Lexicographical Grammar of Auxiliarity
Anatoliy Zahnitko